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An agent of business transformation.  We change lives.
Yeah, it's just payroll services - only far better than you are used to getting.
You know the drill...  get the time records together and uploaded by the deadline, get the reports when processing is done.  Your employees get their paychecks, your quarterly and year end stuff gets done...  Great start.

Here's how we can do all that, but add some value to boot:

  • Integrated time-clock / time-tracking / shift scheduling system (optional) that simplifies and streamlines the approvals process and helps stop employee time theft 

  • Your payroll affects the balance sheet and P&L immediately using your Payroll and Service Items for enhanced reporting capabilities (are you currently paying a separate fee or wage to get this information into QuickBooks®?)

  • Payroll within QuickBooks®, but you don't pay a dime for the payroll license (no added cost to me, either - this is a 'thank you' from Intuit to us ProAdvisors®)

  • Certified Payroll available (reports for prevailing or Davis-Bacon wage)

  • Work-comp insurance audit assistance

  • Employee Benefits and deductions updated easily

  • Direct Deposit

  • No extra cost at quarter or year-end.  Employee W-2s and processing of all tax filings/payments is included in monthly fee

  • Ryan is very easy to work with  :)
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